Monday, January 5, 2009

Something else I finished on the Cape

I think I mentioned this before (ah yes!) but I totally adored knitting this. The yarn is the most wonderful I have used to date. I still have a skein upstairs and am saving it until inspiration hits. I finished it on holiday and have memories of knit, knit, knitting away on it, sitting in the cottage in the evening, watching Americans compete in the Olympics (why bother showing anyone else?) and waiting for Alex and Eri to arrive. Once finished, I used my new blocking wires to block it in the sun porch, then had an extensive photography session with it on the back deck. It is my Cape scarf :) And I wear it often. I am not sure its my colour really (one thing that is holding me back from knitting the second skein), but I love it anyway.

Also, while I was knitting it, I photographed it extensively as a WIP meaning to send the photo to the Knitty Calendar photo competition. I think I did pretty well in the end, but stupid me missed the deadline for photos. Doh. So here they are on my blog for posterity :)

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