Monday, January 5, 2009

Beach knitting

During our month-long holiday in Cape Cod, I
a) did a lot of knitting
b) bought a lot of yarn
c) not much else.
I had several beach knitting projects, nice and mindless. Knit it in the car and when visiting friends in NYC. Sadly, I havnt knit it since! I do love knitting it, but its just that I cant imagine what it will be like finished. Or if I will want to wear it. Its called my Stawberry Shortcake Clapotis because it reminds me of Haagen Daas strawberry shortcake ice cream, which I havnt had in years, but had glorious crunchy bits. On a childish note, the yarn is Fannies Fingering, which makes me snigger.

I also had a ton of yarn shipped to my parents-in-law prior to our arrival, as well as the wonderful Harmony Options needles which are both beautiful to look at and to knit with. I dont use anything else now. The truth is, I now have enough yarn to knit with for 5 years, so knitting from stash from now on. This is my pledge. I started this sweater for Matt while on holiday, and finished it a month or so after we got back. Its the biggest thing I have knitted to date, and got right hacked off by the weight of it on the needles (its basically knit in the round in one piece, bar the arms), but I loved its construction and its turned out really nicely. Its made in this yarn, which has flecks of yellow and red in it. Matt chose it. Also a plus: a) it fits! and b) he wears it! Woot!

And I started a dress for Molly with some sale yarn which is a linen mix, so stiff and soft at the same time. (The original pattern calls for 100% linen which feels like it would knit like wire, as well as being tres pricey.) I am not sure if I would have started it if I knew how much knitting there is in it. Its knit from the top down, so seems manageable at first, but as the skirt flares and flares the rounds get huge! But well worth it. She loves it, and despite her long body, it seems lengthy in that region so I think will last a while. Its really heavy to wear though!

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