Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Moss Stitch Cardigan and Shoes

So a few weeks down the line and I have finished the lilac cardigan and some darling baby shoes using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The patterns were from her Baby Knits for Beginners book, and I found both pretty straightforward to knit. I found the stitching up to be frustrating and dull and hard to get looking nice. Not so happy with the way the sleeves set into the body, but not sure what to do about that. There are a few mistakes in the cardigan, most notably in the moss stitch neckband, but it was so complicated to pick up the neck stitches etc that I daren't unpick it and do it again. It looks OK, just not perfect ;) Oh and the other problem was that I only bought 5 buttons like a dummy, so there is a little gap at the bottom but hey ho, thats stylee, innit? I hope I and J will understand and still remain the proud recipients of my first ever garment ;)

The shoes are just so adorable. I changed the pattern to include the little strap because there is no wa on this earth that shoes without a strap will stay on a baby's foot for more than a microsecond. As it is, they will probably come off, unless they are blessed with a baby that doesnt wriggle its legs. Unlikely, but you never know. Anyway, they are quick to knit, one shoe per evening, so undoubtedly I will do some more another time. I hope A and H hurry up and find out the sex of their baby so I can get knitting. I am hoping for a boy so I can do some different colours ;)

Oh and already on the kneedles is another Debbie Bliss pattern of a 'matinee coat' which sounds hopelessly old fashioned, but looks adorable, if a little impractical. And I have a bunch of chunky wool in greens and browns coming from ebay. The plan is to knit largeish squares in different stitches and colours for a blanket for our bed. It would be a super king size...I might be finished by next winter. All this because my Debbie Bliss Cathay is on back order, so my sweater is going to have to get to the back of the line.


SueC said...

I LOVE those shoes....if you could find a way to put a sole on they would make lovely indoor shoes for older kids!! (hint hint)

Bee said...

Thanks Sue :)

Hmm...will think about the sole. You couldnt do knitted as it would be too slippery!

bobette said...

I've just knitted this cardigan too but I'm struggling for buttons - yours look great! I'm going to look for something similar. I've started my first shoe but the sole looks a little small. I'm just going to carry on and hope it comes together at the end!

CottageCrafts said...

Hi there,

I found your blog after searching for information about how other people knit their cupcakes (Mine too look like buns) and i saw this post. I LOVE your little matinee jacket and booties, they are gorgeous.

Keep up the good work
sam xxx