Saturday, January 5, 2008

Debbie Bliss - Baby Knits

Oh, touching Debbie Bliss yarn in the flesh, Baby Cashmerino was fatal. And the colours. And the gorgeous photographs in her books. Now I understand what my friends were talking about when they mentioned being seduced by yarn and patterns. And out I walked from John Lewis with two Debbie Bliss books (Baby Knits for Beginners and Baby Cahmerino) and 5 balls of yarn. Yikes it is expensive!

But oh such a joy to knit. I really appreciate how awful that cheapo acrylic yarn I have been using (Stylecraft) has been, although its fine for toys I guess. So I am tackling my first garment, a moss stitch bordered baby cardigan for Ian and Jessie's baby. She is due end of Jan, so not much time, but I am loving it so far (mind you, only done the straight part of the back so far). The book is great too and I have already learned that I have been increasing stitches wrongly ;) and there are nice diagrams for stitching up, something I am keen to learn. So watch this space fo a pic once it is finished!

Oh but it doesnt stop there. I stopped by the DebbieBliss website and off I was browsing the adult patterns. After many happy hours fantastizing over the lovely knits there, then realising I would need 23 balls of alpaca silk at 3/4 pounds a ball, I got a bit disheartened. But compromised on 13 balls of Cathay and an asymmetric sweater. So also watch this space. I wonder if it will be finished by next winter ;)

And already too many projects on the line. I bought a load of cheapo pink yarn to knit a granny square blanket, might still do that if I have time. And I also have a vision of knitting a blanket for our bed. Maybe I will start stock piling taupe/beige/sage/green yarns ready for knitting up in the summer.

I can see I am going to be a busy bee....either that or all will come to nowt!

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