Monday, February 23, 2009


Isnt it remarkable that they can take a big pointy scratchy stick thing and somehow turn it into something that looks like this:

The yarn is 100% bamboo and glorious and shiny and silky with quite a lot of weight which makes for a lovely drapey scarf. I bought it in PurlSoho in New York City last summer and wanted to buy enough to make a drapey cardigan wrap thing, but they didnt have enough. So I ended up only getting one skein which was barely enough to make this scarf (its short!) but still.

The pattern is the Montego Bay scarf which is so simple (K2tog, YO) basically but for some reason is impossible to get right and is very unforgiving as you can see all mistakes. But I got into the rhythm of it eventually. I do love it. I might have to revisit bamboo at another point, although will have to find something cheaper this time.


stripeymonkey :) said...

this looks gorgeous... and i ove the colour, think i may have to try some bamboo! :)

Bee said...

It is a gorgeous colour isnt it? I wish I could remember what yarn it is. I was sure I kept the label but cant find it anywhere.