Thursday, April 17, 2008

Swing Coat

Finished!! I am really proud of it, and Molly loves it. I am surprised and delighted at how fantastic it is watching one of my creations walking around :) There was a minor hiccup with the buttonhole, which came up too high on the neck, but I just sewed the button on (not my choice, Molly picked it out, but I think it works) and put a popper on the back.

And am going great guns with my Ink Flare Sweater, which I need to finish up before I make a smaller one for Rosie. She is nagging me!!! Oh I just realised I didnt mention that. Its from which I am knitting in a kind of bluey grey. Its fast and fun to knit, and I have high hopes that it will look great. Hopes rather than expectations that is, since I have no idea what kind of freaky shape it will turn out to be. Watch this space!

Oh and someone in Texas is making my cupcakes! Whoot!!

So a good day in beeknitland...

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Wool Winder said...

It looks fantastic on Molly. Great work!