Friday, March 28, 2008

Another random update

Here are some thing I have knitted but not blogged about to date.

Firstly I had my first experience of a) hand-dyed yarn and b) knitting in the round. I saw a girl in a coffee shop with a knitted headband, it looked South American/Inca-ish and was lovely. So I thought I would see if I could manage one. So one lovely skein of 4ply from in 'sunflower' colours and a circular needle later here is the result. I loved knitting it and its just knit knit knit and no brain power required at all. I do wear it a bit, but not sure if I look like a complete twat it. Oh well...Lots of the yarn left too, so have to decide what to do with it. Am also looking for more knitting in the round project and have my eye on an elephant ;)

Other things:

1. I have started a garter stitch 'Swing Jacket' for Molly in lovely cerise pink/purple Rowan Cashsoft Cotton DK which is absolutely gorgeous. The pattern comes from Catherine Tough's book 'Easy Knits for Little Kids'. There is a quite bit of mohair in the yarn though, which turns it quite furry, which isnt apparent from looking at the ball of yarn. Garter stitch is way slower to knit than stocking stitch though :(

2. I have started a couple of knitted bags from Emma King's '25 Bags to Knit'
One in greens/yellows (for me!) and another using Rowan Summer Tweed and Rowan Cotton Glace in pink (for someone else) and I have yarn to make another in blues. Most of the yarns are worked double thickness which is a bit of a pain, but I am hoping for lovely distinctive bags at the end of it :)

3. Have knitted a few more gnome babies and random dinosaurs!

4. Have started another Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino affair, this time in green for A and H's forthcoming baby (a boy apparently!). Its a pair of little dungarees with moss stitch detail, so cute! I must do them a pair of shoes too :)

There must be more....but it escapes me right now. As usual, too many projects, too little time.....

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