Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knitting in Public

Its weird the reactions I get to knitting in public. I mean its not indecent or anything is it?! Its like I have felt the need to create a reason I am knitting. Like at a school meeting people made such a fuss that I said I had to knit Matt's hat when he wasnt around, or I have pretended I have a big deadline or something. But the truth is I just like knitting! If I am sitting listening to teachers talking about KS1 SATS for 45mins why cant I knit as well? Its not like I am reading a book or something, or talking on my mobile. I can perfectly well pay attention and knit!

But even being at friends houses causes comments, like a friend of mine implied that I didnt find them interesting enough, so I had to knit too. Actually, that one might have been true.... Also took my knitting to the pub but the light wasnt good enough, which is a shame because surely there is a place for pub knitting.:).

I guess the truth is you dont see people knitting much. In my communting days I do remember seeing the odd knitter though. That would be me if I still took the train! Maybe its my mission to educate people. I am certainly not going to change my ways and sit with still fingers. Knitting rocks!

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